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Trajectory Strategies is a woman-owned strategic development firm that identifies clients’ real needs, then delivers solutions that meet those needs (and exceed expectations).

Our service offerings span far beyond what you’d expect of a marketing, communications, or business strategy firm. That’s because we’re willing to wade into the weeds in ways others aren’t to build value-adding solutions that yield lasting impacts. Trajectory is also one of the few firms willing to not only collaborate with your staff, but also help train them – and in select instances, help you secure talent – to implement action plans long after we’re gone. Our team doesn’t nickel and dime clients from now until the end of the millennium – we deliver solutions swiftly and often help our clients get where they need to go, so they can call us when they need us down the road.


If you want to push your organization forward, tackle a challenge you don’t know how to overcome, or, quite frankly, don’t know what you need, but you know you need something: we’d love to chat.

Shawnee Lorenz

Owner + Project Executive

Lindsey Hardister

Project Manager

Sarah White

Project Manager

Miranda Eastwood

Assistant Project Manager



Respect clients’ time and money. Tactful, straightforward, team-oriented, and goal-driven. Skip the fluff and get the client what they want and need.


Roll up your sleeves, dig in with tenacity, and don’t stop until the project is delivered. Build real solutions others can’t (or won’t), and don’t let up until the jobs done.


Driven goal-getters with a deep commitment to excellence. Lackluster quality and corner-cutting is unacceptable. Put in the work, time, and hustle necessary to help clients win.


No need to advertise or take on every client (although the interest is appreciated). Invest time and energy in those who are as driven to succeed as we are.


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